Joey Zhang

Yunnan Cycling Tour - Light and Shadow Recorder

Someone once said: Professional cycling is the most
difficult event on the planet; many people dedicate their lives to it, and many
people enjoy it; many people feel it; many people enjoy it; many people stop
and go. For Joey: Cycling is a reflection of life. In the process of riding,
you can see your present and future, and keep thinking and making progress. Enjoy
the process of riding, let the big boy grow into a mature man. This sport is
hard, but also happy.

Joey in 2010, on a whim, bought the first bicycle in his life when he was
working in Beijing and started riding. A carefree commute to get off work
without the stress of public transport. For Joey at the time, it was such a joy. That
was his first beauty and love.

Because of work, Joey can have the opportunity to drive
from Qiqihar to Tengchong, walking through the well-known "Hu Huanyong
Line", the most beautiful scenery along the way is Lijiang. Lijiang's
magnificent and intriguing human history is what he yearns for. This time, he
had the opportunity to go back to Lijiang, which made him feel deeply; Drinking
and sweating; feeling the pain and charm of plateau riding, experiencing local
food and climate change are all unforgettable life experiences.

Through this journey, Joey also really proved to us
Gravel's strength and excellent passability, he even galloped all the way,
throwing off the crew,

On the gravel road and in the mud. He also brought a lot of
fresh photos through his own lens, which is Lijiang in his eyes.