Innovative NIMBUS 2.0 pad

NIMBUS 2.0 is designed to give the best support in all the disciplines and styles, from road to MTB, even in longer rides. It can provide a comfortable experience for cyclists in 8 hours or 700 kilometers riding.

Strong wear resistance and compressed fabric

This is a wear-resistant and high-bomb-sided tunnel fabric, which adds antibacterial ingredients to freely wrap the body muscles to ensure the comfort in the state of exercise.

Straps with ventilation slots

On the basis of ensuring the elasticity of the shoulder strap, we use the design of the ventilation slots to enhance the breathability.

3M reflective materials

Reflective materials are playing an important role during cycling. We use C790 reflective materials from 3M and help keep safe for the cyclists in the darkness.

Anti-sliding foot design

We use the 75mm width of the drip skid design on foot to ensure the stability of the pants.