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We advocate cycling

Cycling is a sport that is beneficial to your own health and environmental protection. We hope that more people can participate in cycling, and GRC will accompany you to ride as your good friend.

We reward cyclists

1 km=1 GRC point

Every time you ride 1km, we reward you with 1 GRC point. You can redeem your points and get free gifts in our Redemption center.

How it works?

1. Sign up - Create an account on

2. Join our Strava club - 'GRC Cycling'

3. Record your rides with Strava and @grccycling

4. Send the screenshot of your activity to our email or WhatsApp.

5. You will get GRC points in two working days. Redeem your points in our Redemption center.


WhatsApp: +86 13862246590


1. Please send the riding screenshot to the above email address or WhatsApp.

2. Please make sure you have joined our club and tagged our club in the ride activity so that we can view your ride activity.

3. You can only check in once a day, and a single ride record is valid within 48 hours.

4. The average speed shall not exceed 50km/h, and the maximum speed shall not exceed 70km/h.

5. The time span of a single activity should not be too long, and the average speed should not be too low, for example, the riding time is 26 hours, and the average speed is 2.3km/h.

6. Check in with integrity, if you find cheating, you will be disqualified and your points will be cleared.