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Elastic Interface Flagship Chamois

These bib shorts are equipped with the Elastic Interface flagship chamois, offering superior comfort and support, even during long rides. The chamois provides excellent cushioning and reduces pressure points.

Woven Lightweight Fabric

The bib shorts are made from a lightweight woven fabric that provides excellent compression, rapid drying, and exceptional breathability. It helps to regulate body temperature during intense rides.

Dual-Layer Moisture-Wicking Waistband

The shorts feature a dual-layer moisture-wicking waistband with an outer layer that uses laser perforations for enhanced breathability, while the inner layer has concave airflow channels to effectively absorb and wick away sweat.

3M C790 Reflective Materials

For added visibility and safety in low-light conditions, the shorts are designed with 3M reflective materials, increasing your visibility to others on the road.

Italian Lightweight Mesh Back

The back of the shorts incorporates an Italian lightweight, abrasion-resistant, and highly elastic mesh fabric, providing optimal ventilation and moisture management.

Laser Perforated Logo

The shorts feature laser perforated logos, enhancing ventilation and heat dissipation, keeping you cool during intense rides.

Heat Pressed Shoulder Strap Design

The shoulder straps are designed with heat pressed seams, reducing friction and ensuring a comfortable fit with minimal irritation.